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As World War II came to a close, American population was eager to purchase automobiles. The automobile companies could sell everything they could make. The 1946 Ford production - like many of its competitors - was a restyled version of their Pre-War vehicle. The front grille was changed to include horizontal bars on the outside of the rectangular opening, but the rest of the car was identical to its pre-war counterpart.
The Deluxe series was available in three bodystyles, which included a coupe, a two-door sedan and a four-door sedan. The DeLuxe series was powered by either an L-head 226 cubic-inch six-cylinder engine that was rated at 90 horsepower or a flathead V-8. The V8 option displaced 239 cubic-inches and offered 100 horsepower.
Total Deluxe Series production for 1946 was 94,870. 4-door sedans are generally the most favored bodystyle, but in the case of the Deluxe Ford, it was the 2-door, 6-passenger sedan which received the most sales, with 74,954 units being purchased.
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