Rental terms conditions

Payment, Deposits and Bookings

  • The above prices are inclusive of fuel & chauffeur charges.
  • Minimum billing will be for 8hrs 80kms slab and then thereafter extra hr and extra km will be applicable.
  • For outstation trips, the extra K.M. rate for each car categories will apply, with a minimum billing of 250 km per day & for Buses 300 Kms / 400 Kms (Bangalore) per day. Chauffeur outstation and night retention charges will be applicable.
  • Outstation Chauffeur Retention Charges Rs.500 per day and Rs.500 per night.
  • State entry permits / fee, parking & taxes extra as applicable.
  • Service tax will be charged @ 5.6% on the gross rental charges, since company is not entitled for concessional rate as per Service Tax Rule.
  • Gross rental charges include all the components of the car rental invoice which includes parking, interstate tax all other charges included in invoice.
  • Any claim for concessional service tax to be charged in invoice stands cancelled.
  • Our services are covered under section 194C, hence applicable TDS will be 2%.
  • Credit card payments are subject to a 3% surcharge. The charge on your credit card statement will be shown as Luxury Limo.
  • Kilometers & hours will start & finish at our rental location (Garage To Garage). Note (Standard Calculation: 1 Hr from Garage To Pick up Location & 1 HR from Drop Off Location to Garage).
  • Reservations & Cancellation: Reservations will be routed through the local offices and Reservations will be accepted only on receipt of email / fax request. Confirmation of reservations will be subject to availability of cars / category.
  • Cancellation Charges:

Cancellation made more than 24 hours before the duty reporting time: Nil.
Cancellation made between 24 & 12 Hrs hours before the duty reporting time: 50% of deposit amount will be refunded.
Cancellation made 0-12 hours before the duty reporting time: Full rental package price will be applicable.
Cancellation charges once the car has left our premises: Full rental package price will be applicable.

  • We may provide subcontracted vehicles occasionally to fulfill your request.
  • We reserve the right to change your vehicle or chauffeur at any time if necessary.
  • Luxury Limo vehicle(s) and sub-contracted vehicles are fully insured for passenger and third party claims.
  • Time permitting; the Chauffeur may be willing to collect additional passengers, subject to the maximum that the Vehicle can carry, at alternative locations. However, any additional kilometers and/ or time shall be charged to the Hirer based on the
  • Tariff. Whilst the Chauffeur will attempt to accommodate any last minute changes, the final decision will remain with the Chauffeur, of course ensuring there a consensus with the Hirer.
  • Where the Hire extends beyond the period of the Booking for any reason whatsoever including, but not limited to traffic jams, accidents and diversions, the Hirer accepts that this additional time and Kilometers shall be charged to the Hirer.
  • The chauffeur will drive at safe and sensible speeds in accordance with road conditions, traffic and the legal speed limits.
  • Hirers are responsible for any damage they cause to the interior and or exterior of a vehicle on hire to them and will be billed accordingly for any repair or valeting required in order to reinstate a vehicle to working order.
  • Luxury Limo maintains a strict non-smoking policy in all its vehicles. A charge of Rs.2500 will be levied for cleaning & refreshing the car in case of violation.
  • All the above prices are valid for the period mentioned above which are worked on the basis of prevailing fuel prices. However, if there is any increase in the fuel prices an additional charge namely “fuel price impact” will be charged in the bill. This
  • will be calculated on the mileage actually used divided by the fuel efficiency of the car multiplied by the increase in the fuel price. The revised prices will be applicable from the date of such increase announced.
  • For all wedding functions extra charges may apply. Also the minimum package for a wedding function starts at 8 hrs 80 kms
  • For limousine Chrysler 300, a Full “Non-Refundable” Payment to be made during time of booking.

Fuel Price Impact Charges = No. Of Km Uses / Mileage (kmpl) x (New Price-Old Price)

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