Car rentals can prove a great alternative to buying a car - especially in the luxury segment. Our Service allows people to use a car when needed, without the costs and responsibilities of ownership. It converts automobile use from a product to a service, providing people with use of a car instead of ownership. Often car rentals are overlooked as a pragmatic solution to a number of problems that one faces whilst owing an expensive car. Hence, rather than simply pointing out the negative consequences of automobile dependency and associated sprawl, car renting from Luxury Limo offers a practical, tangible way to improve the environment, promote social equity and build local capacity.

We pride ourselves in achieving a benchmark in the V.I.P. & Executive luxury chauffeuring car services industry at affordable prices whilst delivering an exceptional customer care experience. Our Mission is to redefine the way people think of Transportation and completely eliminate the “Chalta Hai” attitude in this sphere. Join Us in our effort. The time in NOW.