Personal Services

Are you tired of the monotony of waiting on the street waving your hands and whistling for an ordinary taxi or rickshaw? Or maybe even exhausted dealing with our cities Tourist car companies & their limited choice of cars? Or could it be that you simply wish, you could ride around the city in a luxurious chauffeur driven car, without having to actually “own” one?


Our service is for any occasion that requires a car. Whether you wish to spend the day shopping in a convenient and luxurious manner (and not have to carry large, heavy bags around with you), or wish to have your very own personal chauffeur & drive around in a luxury car for sheer indulgence, Luxury Limo Car Services will adapt to your exact needs and make you feel very special.


We’re here to cater for all your driving needs including (but not limited to):


  • Airport Pick Up & Drop Off (Including Private Aviation)
  • Port, Marina & Railway Transfers
  • Parties & Social Events (The V.I.P Red Carpet Treatment)
  • Weddings, Festivals & other Special Occasions
  • Sight-seeing Tours, Day/ Weekend Trips, Award Shows & Events
  • Entertainment (theatre, restaurant, club, spa etc)
  • Shopping Trips (Indulge in our Personal Shopper & Style Consultant service.)
  • Personal Bodyguards


We have close relationships with many theaters, nightclubs, restaurants and bars. So whether you would like to spend an evening at a top restaurant, or dance the night away at an exclusive nightclub, Luxury Limo (Concierge) Services can book tables, get tickets and get your name on exclusive guest lists.


It happens all too often. Companies make promises of high standards of service, but rarely deliver. You become just another client or account. Luxury Limo Services has made a commitment that this will never happen. We endeavor to know all our clients by name, because names are very personal – so is our service. Above all, we put you, the client first.


Airport Pick Up & Drop Off

How many times have you had to deal with the frustration of holding the telephone line trying to get through Meerut or Mega cabs? How often have you been told they don’t have cars available? How many times have you had to wait on the streets at 4am trying to find a taxi or even queue up at the airport to only ride in a dingy & unhygienic taxi? Have you had to face embarrassment whist asking your family & friends to take you to the airport?


Quality & Consistency is what we are all about, that too with a splash of sophistication. Whether you are heading off for that well earned break or you are arriving into India on holiday, our transfer service will make sure that your trip is a pleasant and stylish one.


We cover journeys to/from airports, hotels, business and private residential addresses. We also cover journeys between different airports and railway stations.


Take advantage of our popular “V.I.P Meet & Greet” service which is often requested by celebrities and VIP corporate guests who want personalized attention.


Give your executives and guests that extra personal attention while traveling through unfamiliar airports. Our executive chauffeur will meet them in the baggage claim/ Airport pick up point at the Domestic or International airport, to provide your VIP guests personal assistance. Our V.I.P Meet & Greet airport transportation service not only provides that extra touch of class, but helps busy executives be more productive by managing their airport transportation efficiently.


The chauffeur will be holding a personalized greeting sign with their name or a designation of your choice. The chauffeur will help them with their bags and escort them through the airport to their private & luxurious car. We will then ensure that the trip to their destination is comfortable, expeditious and hassle free.


We go the extra mile, so you don’t have to. Pampering made simple by Luxury Limo.


Port & Railway Transfers

Whether you need to make a trip to one of India Ports for that Important meeting or clear a critical shipment, you can be assured that you will arrive on time & in style. Our Chauffeurs are well versed with the Port Trust harbors to ensure you have no difficulty in finding your terminal and/ or respective office.


We are well connected with India’s leading Clearing & Forwarding Agents if at all u need assistance in getting your goods out of customs & delivered to your clients.


Need a ride to your private luxury yacht parked at Mumbai’s Gateway Of India Marina? Not a problem. Our Chauffeurs will drop you off at the Marina and be back at a desired time to take you back home in absolute comfort. All you have to worry about is putting on your designer boat shoes & the speed at which you will be sailing.


If you need to be transferred to the Railways or perhaps your personal guests, clients or senior executives are visiting , allow. Allow us to collect them from the Railway Stations, where we’ll continue to deliver the first-class experience.

Chauffeurs wait in the passenger terminal car park or pick up point area and will be holding a sign with their name or a designation of your choice.


Parties & Social Events

The guys & girls are looking to party. Why not book a chauffeur with Luxury Limo Private Car Services for the night and arrive at your party venue in total panache. Allowing you more time to enjoy yourself without worrying about how you going to get home – no need to queue for taxi’s & most importantly being responsible by refraining from “Drinking & Driving”


We can drive you from venue to venue and can even recommend some excellent nightspots, our party service really is the best way to get the party started and make sure that you all return safely and in style. We have hook ups with all the major night clubs, bars & 5 Star hotels to ensure you have a fabulous night out.


The Luxury Limo V.I.P RED CARPET Treatment:

  • Pull up like a “Rockstar”
  • Glide Past the Red Velvet Ropes
  • Dance the Night Away To The Hottest Sounds
  • Indulge in VIP Table-side Bottle Service
  • Get Picked Up In Style
  • Arrive Home Safe & Sound


We also have Personal Body Guard Services that can accompany you to parties & nightclubs if required.

What you waiting for? Pick up the phone and talk to one of our V.I.P Concierge, to plan your wicked night out.


Weddings, Festivals Other & Special Occasions

“Luxury Limo prides itself in being one of the only companies offering rare Vintage and Classic cars for Weddings and Special Events.”


Weddings, festivals, birthdays, parties and funerals are the sort of family occasions that frequently need transport for any number of family members, friends and guests. As each and every family event is special, it is not easy to generalize about the services we can provide.


Whether you need our luxury fleet for a few days or just for the wedding “baraat,” we will work with you on your precise requirements & personalize your experience in the most unique way.


As part of our wedding car service we offer prestigious Vintage and Classic cars as well as provisions for floral arrangements and Velvet V ribbons for the car, to ensure you arrive in the most glamorous way possible. We are happy to work with your wedding organizers, to understand any specific color coordination requirements, ensuring the wedding story is all in-sync.


If you are planning such an event, please contact us and we will do our very best to ensure that your “Special Day” runs smoothly and is twinkling with Elegance & Sophistication


“The Luxury Limo wedding car hire service will ensure that you’re smitten with service and panache to make your wedding day a unique and special occasion. Plush, opulent wedding cars combined with experienced and helpful chauffeurs, make your wedding day one to remember and cherish.”


Tours, Weekend Trips & Events

Sight-Seeing Tours, Day/Weekend Trips, Award Shows & Events

We undertake a wide variety of Darshan tours, trade shows, day trips and corporate hospitality events. These are tailor-made to your particular needs.


Examples range from tours such as the Gateway of India, Gandhi Darshan & Gandhi National Museum, boat ride to the Elephanta Caves, Humayun’s Tomb, Dharavi Slum tour, to sporting events such as cricket matches, the derby, golf tournaments – to any of the many Trade Shows and Exhibitions held in India, property & constructions sites, award ceremonies, corporate launch parties, dinners and on-site visits to either your own sites or those of your competitors’.


We also offer services for “day/ weekend” trips to Lonavala, Ambey Valley, Pune, Lavassa, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Goa and other hill stations & exciting neighboring cities.


Last but not the least, we also operate a wide range of sight-seeing tours, nights out for theatre, film and dinner events, as well as providing vehicles for personal shopping trips, property site tours, visiting a wide variety of the India’s historic sites, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Bachelor/ Bachelorette parties and even funerals.



Entertainment (Theatre, Restaurant, Club, Spa, etc)

WHAT you want to do is only part of the equation, HOW you actually execute it, is truly where the “wow” effect lies. Whether you’re planning a romantic date night, a spa day out or you are just catching a movie, why not complete the evening in style. We can collect you and your partner (or anyone else) from an address of your choosing and drive you to that fancy restaurant or theatre.


After you have enjoyed your scrumptious dinner or movie, we will pick you up and either return you home in comfort and style or take you onto a bar or club. (of course smothered with V.I.P Red Carpet Treatment)


With enough notice, we are even happy to get your movie tickets, make dinner reservations, pick up the bouquet’ of roses, arrange a romantic playlist & even have a bottle of Dom P’erignon Champagne ready with crystal flues while you ride, so that all you have to worry about is what time you would like us to pick you up and what you are going to wear.


Make the simplest life experiences unforgettable for that special someone. It’s just a phone call away…!


Shopping Trips

Shopping (Indulge in our Personal Shopper & Style Consultant service)

Discover India’s Shopping Secrets with Luxury Limo Services. Let us drive you around many great shops & malls and with the aid of your very own personal shopper & style consultant you will get the best out of what India has to offer, a must have day to pamper that special someone or yourself.


Of course, the Style Consultants come for a little extra charge but you will be thanking yourself you took advantage of this extraordinary service. We advise you give us enough notice, so we can pair you up with the right consultant who understands your needs fully & can cater to them in total style.


Personal Bodyguards

We have tied up with leading International Security Services Company to provide professional bodyguards to our corporate, high net worth and celebrity clients, diplomats & government officials and to any of our VIP guests requiring protective services. We do this to preserve a safe and secure environment so you can pursue your activities in a free and unencumbered manner whilst indulging in one of our first class services.

Simply call our Concierge in advance with your specific requirements so we can coordinate your need

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