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About us

Experience Led To Better Innovation!

As former consultants in the United States, we had the opportunity to travel around the world and we availed such opportunities with pleasure. The process of journey started with planning itineraries and booking well-maintained and luxurious cars from professional car services, which, with their quality vehicles and chauffeurs, would make the trip smooth and fun while also helping us meet our professional demands efficiently.

The "Story of Travel" changed a bit while we were in India during holidays and later when we moved here. Itinerary planning or booking a cab, even from a reputed car rental agency, for a pleasure or business trip didn't match the standards of the competitors in the west. Here, the rental car services were majorly focused on renting out low-end cars, which didn't meet the standards of pleasure as well as safety requirements. Added to this woes were also many inefficient features that one had to deal with; lengthy booking process, lack of price transparency, unmaintained cars & inefficient chauffeurs, billing manipulation - all these looked like "a-taken-for-granted" norm both by the agency and the customers.

Renting luxurious cars for special occasions was a like a dream of a distant and perfect future. To this simple demand, there were no answers. Even if one got lucky with an agency renting out exclusive and luxurious cars, there were discrepancy in pricing and inconvenient booking & billing process. Needless to say, if you got one – the "desire to enjoy the journey" was far from reality!

After talking to many individuals & businesses groups, we realized that there is a large segment of customers who are willing to pay an extra price to access better quality rental service, cleaner and exclusive cars with a professional chauffeur. With the influx of expats, MNC's, Private Equity Firms etc. into India we felt that the demand for reliable car services would only grow & saw a clear opportunity in catering quality car rental service to all who desired.

So we realized the only way to solve this problem and help people meet their desire of enjoying a smooth journey to business destination was to form a quality car rental service firm, "Luxury Limo".

With Luxury Limo, we aspire to provide a "seamless & consistent experience" for customers starting from the booking process to the actual ride to the billing process/ payment collection.

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